Pihu Pen Stand


Art is inspirational! This is the purpose of our Pihu Pen Stand. The beautiful motifs all around the stand are painted in vibrant acrylic colours, which motivate the child to try and attempt such paintings as an intermediate. A strong foundation leads to a bright future! Bring out the artist in your children which will reflect in their personality too, teaching them important life lessons of patience and perseverance until the desired result is achieved! The sections in the container can be removed to create more space in the holder, suitable for your use!

  • Hand-painted in acrylic colours
  • Hand crafted in wood
  • Removable centre section
  • Can be gently wiped clean with a damp cloth

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Nature, is the mother of ALL creation…..
It is said that we are not the creators of anything. Everything is hidden in this universe which chooses different mediums to unfold it\’s hidden secrets. There is nothing that we create… we only reproduce what Nature has already created.

In today\’s day and age, everything is computerized, to a point where we feel the need to keep our children away from i-pads and tablets, so they don\’t forget the concept of \”writing with a pencil\”….. So we decided to revive the era of hand painted craft by tapping the untapped potential of our domestic help for something more than just cleaning!
They learnt from scratch, without ever knowing how to hold a brush. Now artists themselves, the only input we needed from her was – confidence in themselves and their interest to learn.

\”Pihu\” is completely the effort of such women – right from tracing it out to painting it with different shades. She now has new found respect for the artist which was hidden in her… and we have a new artist among us!


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Weight 0.6 kg
Dimensions 16.25 × 16.25 × 10 cm


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